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re: Whats normall for the davinci
Hello to all
I have had my Da vinci 1.0 for a few weeks now and been lurking trying to digest everything there are a few thing's i cannot find the answer's to such as is it normall for the printer to heat the nozzle before heating the bed ? next question is when i change cartridge unload filament the nozzle cools down to 135 c then extracts the filament i here clicking and then it comes out is this normall ? is this the best palce to ask these questions or can some one point me to a link for the answer's being a newbie with no experince on the machine i don't know what's correct if it has a problem.

Thanks in advance for any help

It has been awhile since I ran the stock fimware but this doesn't sound normal.

1. I know for a fact that the bed and extruder heat at same time.
2. I think that it should heat the extruder to working temp (210?) before it attempts to eject filament.

Are you running stock firmware and using XYZWare and or front panel?
Hello Ben
Thanks for the response yes the machine is bone stock, the way it's working just dosen't seam logical to me.

I have been fighting the bed leveling issue for days now trying this and that looking way to adjust the !!! thing the xyz way is just crap looked at all the other means so i took it upon myself to figure out a means simple and works.
What i did was to take differnt feeler gauges gap the nozzle to the bed until i found the best gap and that is .005 works, why is it that no one and no wear is this information ! simple.

The stock firmware had a bug (no clue if they fixed it yet) where the ejection temp for filament was too low. That was the last straw for me before flashing to Repetier. I am never looking back!
On your initial questions:
1 - it may look as if the printer head is heating up before the print bad simply because the head is able to heat up much faster. mine will have the extruder up to temp (210C)in under a minute but takes up to 15 minutes to get the bed up to 90C

2 - on unloading filament. Mine also cools down to about 135C (or heats up to about 135C if I start this cold) before backing out the filament. I believe it does this so that the ABS in the printer head will be "thicker" and so more of it will be drawn out. This way there is less color contamination when starting the next filament. I also hear some clicking when it is being backed out, not sure the exact cause but suspect it has to do with the teeth of the wheel not perfectly lining up with the groves made in the filament when it was pushed though initially.

I am also running all stock hardware and software.

Hope this helps.
Chris / Karama
Thanks for the info when your new to all this the learning curve is hard to deal with when a guy can't find out what it supposed to look like, thanks for letting me know Chris yours is the same Karma my machine is brand new only had it for 1-2 weeks now still under warranty from the store were i purchased it don't want to blow that off just yet.
Finaly got the bed leveling sorted out as i stated in previous post above now the extruder lays down the plastic correctly and i can make some parts.
What parts usualy break on the unit as far as plastic parts this would be good to know so while the unit is working i could make the parts and have them on hand to replace them when and if they break
Thanks again for the help and info.


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