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Best G-Code to lower the bed after print is finished?
Hi all,
FYI: This is my first post!
Got a Davinci 1.0a about a week ago and have been trying to learn as much as I can about 3D printing.
Of course, the very first thing I did after taking the printer out of the box was to install Repetier host firmware, everything has been great so far thanks to this site.
So far I have printed a few things and have been adding G-codes to personalize my printing steps.
My post is to find out what is the best code to lower the bed when the print has been completed.
I've been reading some threads and got confused and concerned of adding the incorrect code.
For example, found this code "G1 Z150 F300 ; lower platform to bottom" but read some reviews where some users experienced the bed crashing against the bottom.
I do not need to lower the bed all the way down but at least having it low enough to be able to remove each finished product.
Also, Is there a way to manually achieve this?, where I can push a button or via the software and I can manually lower the bed by increments?

Thank you in advance!!

PS: I am in the middle of a print job. The bed calibration tool to attached the dial indicator. Pic attached.[Image: 20150525_232151_resized.jpg]
G1 Z150 should work. You can type that in manually into the Gcode command field if you want in repetier after the print is done, or add it to the ending Gcode. If you type in a number bigger than 200 it will hit the bottom of the printer. Of course if the print is 200mm tall, then you can't go much further.
You can also do it manually from repetier host manual control tab buttons, or do it from the front panel buttons, which is probably the hardest way.
I would have thought the printer would have refused to accept anything bigger than 200, but I just tried it and it wanted to drive through the bottom of the printer. That's bad. Must be careful, since this machine has no lower hardware end stop for the bed.

good luck~!
Thanks a lot pcb_man.
I will give a try.

For some reason I am not getting emails from posts replies, this is weird since I am subscribed. Oh well, maybe this site doesn't like my hotmail email address.
Just in case I'd use G90 first:

G90 ; set absolute coordinates
G1 Z200 ; Lower bed

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