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What rtv silicone to use on thermistor?
Is there any certain rtv silicone that I should use? Can I use the stuff AutoZone sells?
You didn't say what to use it for, but Permatex Ultra Black is the most awesome silicone you will find. It sticks to anything, and is good up to 500 degrees F. It's also not corrosive to metal, which some silicone is.
It has one big problem. Don't expect to get it off easily from whatever you put it on. It's quite stiff, and STRONG. You have to cut and scrape it off. So if whatever you're gluing is even remotely temporary, you probably should back off to a less aggressive type. I've used it to glue the z axis bushings that were a bit wiggly on my machine. No more wiggle!
I'm looking to us it to reseal the thermistor in on my da Vinci 1.0.
The black he mentioned will work. I use the red ultra high temp stuff you can get at places like autozone /pep boys/ advance auto /napa/carquest/etc. It's similar, just good to a much higher temperature.


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