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Motherboard 1.0a for sale. Needs repair
I shorted my motherboard on accident a month ago on my spare davinci printer. The printer was purchased new but needed extruder repairs. I fixed it but stupidly shorted motherboard when cleaning hotend.

So one fuse resister will need to be replaced. Also, I replaced the wrong resistor (another fuse) with the wrong size resistor so there are actually two resistors that need to be replaced. if anyone is interested in a repair project I am trying to get rid of the board. I don't have the proper equipment to repair it.
I'll fix it for $75 flat rate in the us including return shipping, or I'll but it for 25 as is plus reasonable shipping charges. For more $$ you should list it on eBay.

would you have a clue why my davinci powered off as i was manually moving the axis on repetier host? i took the rear case off and the little red LEDs on flash for a second, other than that the whole printer doesnt work, any suggestions would be greatly Sad appreciated
Most likely there is a short in the wiring that is intermittent. It subsequently sports a transistor or driver which in turn causes the power supply to shut down or burn a resistor (fuse) on the board.

Unplug the led, lcd, steppers, extruder, etc, basically leaving only the main board with the power connectors. Does it then power up and what are the leds doing?

It is also possible you have a bad power supply.

If you have a meter you can make some basic checks to id the problem harbor freight has meters for less than 10 dollars that will work for this. They also sell a cheap soldering iron and solder. If you have the determination you can likely fox this for 20 to 30 bucks...(radio shall, seats, kmart, etc sell cheap meters also, but i think they start around 30 dollars...)

I have a multimeter but its analog. I hate trying to use a solder iron for the resistors, reflow station would be much easier. Do they make micro soldering irons?
my reply regarding the multimeter was more directed to the other person. You likely won't need a meter can order the correct components from digikey. Radio shall sells a cheap soldering iron it will work for you. I believe it's about $10 and is rated 25 or 30 watts. In reality anything less than 40 watts should be ok. you can file the tip of the cheap iron to be a smaller point in order to make it easier to work with. do a search on youtube, there are plenty of videos showing SMT parts being replaced with cheap soldering irons.


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