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Repetier firmwareload is causing printer reset over and over
I uploaded Repetier tonight and after a normal upload, the printer resets itself every 20-30 seconds. The screen blanks, the computer beeps and the led lights go out. Then the system restarts, the computer beeps and the printer appears normal for a few seconds.

I'm going to try reflashing it in the morning, but if anybody has any clues or suggestions, I'd sure appreciate them.
what printter do you have?
what fw did you flashed ?
what fw did you had before?
Hi luc,
I have the 1.0 and it did have the "J" fw on it and I just uploaded the FW version 1.0.6
1.06 is not fw version but host, what fw did you downloaded 0.91 and/or 0.92?
0.91 Sorry luc. Smile It's late here.
0.91 does not have and does not support watchdog which do the reset

so I am prettry sure you first dowloaded 0.92 and used it to update variant. cpp then dowloaded and flashed 0.91

please use the variant.cpp provided in 0.91 if you flash 0.91
does this solve your issue ?
Hi luc. That solved the reset problem, but now R Host doesn't do anything with the printer. The lights come on and the printer functions all work from the printer keypad, but it's unresponsive to the computer. I tried closing host and opened Ponterface. It connected with the printer and even ran a print, except the extruder and heated bed did not heat.

We had a holiday today and with family obligations there wasn't much time to look at it. I hope to try a few things tonight.
this is due to bad configuration of repetier host - check your repetier host settings and be sure baud rate is same as printer
Is there a baud rate that is recommended? I see lots of options.
default one in printer is 230400, if too may error 115200 is OK, printer and host must use same values
OK, I seem to have everything operating except the extruder heater and the bed heater. Any thoughts about those?
when heating from printer is it working ?
No it's not, but I just discovered that on the printer, the "Dry Run" option is turned ON and for some reason, clicking on it will not turn it off.
Dry run is On when there is a problem and the only way to set it off is to restart printer
I'll bet I have another problem then and sadly, I'm just too tired tonight to think logically. I'll take a stab at it after work tomorrow.

Thank you for your patience and willingness to help Luc. You have my vote for sainthood. Smile

It seems that each time I reset the printer power, I try to change it from "dry run", it immediately turns on "dry run" again.

I've cleared and reloaded the firmware a couple times. I've erased all the arduino firmware a couple time, resetting the computer and reloaded it from scratch too with no change. No matter what I do the heaters don't seem to engage at all.

Is there a working copy of the complete 0.91 firmware posted someplace. I'm assuming that I'm doing something wrong with the setup and I'd love to have a zipped firmware that I can just drop on it?

My initial thoughts of changing to a mega 2560 ramps board is most likely my best option. Apart from adjusting steps per 100mm and extruder feeds, I can use the same firmware as one of my other printers.

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