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Can you put Repetier on a Aio Then go back to stock
I just bought a AIO to replace my broken 1.0. Is it possible to put Repetier on this mechanic to print with then return it to a stock firmware to use the scanner. Ive seen in some posts that once you put Repetier on you cant go back. But ive seen other posts that say using the xyz software you can go back to stock but it will be the latest firmware that's OK with me because i only plan to use XYZ software if i need to use the scanner
not sure about putting the latest back on but if you can then you most likely wont be able to reset the cartridges any longer and may even brick your printer trying to do so so please check up about it if you do reset or use zerocart.
you cant do that now i cant get it back and no matter what i do cant get it to work

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