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Printer Losing Connection After Repetier Flash
Hi all, I've been having this issue off and on since I flashed Repetier 0.92 to my Da Vinci 1.0. My computer keeps making the device disconnected notification at random - meaning it initially recognizes the printer then loses connection within a minute or so. When I open the device manager, I can see the Arduino Due in the "Other Devices" tab, but it will not install the drivers no matter what I do. I thought it was the USB cable because I'm using quite the long run, but I have tried several short ones with no luck. What are some things I can try?

Thank you,
The only thing I could get to work was to go into update driver in the device manager, manually browse, then select from a list of windows drivers (below the browse option). I tried all of the Arduino Drivers listed, but none worked. I then saw the dreaded XYZ drivers, and gave it a shot. Repetier picked the printer up immediately, and I'm working on a test print now. Still doesn't really address the issue. Does anyone have any idea what is going on?

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