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EEPROM for Da Vinci 2.0 Duo with repetier 0.92 firmware
Hello guys.
I have problems with my Davinci 2.0 Duo with repetier firmware. Mine's the 2 fans with JP1 reset version.
Can't get both extruders to work together.
I wonder if the settings in EEPROM cause the all the problems.
Can someone export the EEPROM from your printer if your printer is working properly?
It will help me out tremendously.
Thank you in advance.
what do you mean by both extruders working together? extruding in same time ? or doing a dual extrusion printing which is different

Edit: The defaults duo settings are mine, they work perfectly with my printer but you may need to calibrate your second extruder position to match your printer
The firmware seems to work with me too. One thing I'd like to add is that make sure your slicer is commanding the proper extruder. I believe T0 and T1 are the commands used to switch extruders. I had an issue with my slicer where it wasn't adding the gcode to switch to the proper extruder at the start of the print and that could be what you are experiencing as well.
Hi Guys. Thanks for your input.
Does anyone have a working Da Vinci DUO 2.0 with repetier firmware?
Can you export the firmware EEPROM settings for me?
It can be done with the Repetier Host.
I just can't seem to get the settings right.
Thanks again.
do you have working slic3r or Cura Settings i can look at

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