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Burned out Fan Extruder Fan Controller
I was playing around with my Da Vinci 1.0 trying to use the 5V signal to control a 12 V fan through an NPN transistor. Everything went well and I was able to control the speed but I think I inadvertently switched the ground and 5V hot wires. Now my cooling fan doesn't come on. I know I can buy a replacement extruder with the board but I was wondering if there is any cheap component I could likely replace to get it back up and running since a replacement extruder is $100 or 1/4 the price of the printer.

The board looks like the attached.[Image: WP_20150319_004.jpg]
Unfortunately there's more chance you toasted the PWM output on the microcontroller...
I would see if you're getting a fan signal down the umbilical (the wires before they go into the breakout board) before you go buying anything.
I do seem to be getting some sort of signal (~2V). I don't have an oscilloscope to confirm but the voltage to my multimeter appears to vary with changes to fan speed.
There is a transistor on the main board that drives the fan. The micro output can't directly drive the fan, so the odds are the micro is ok. Trace the fan wires and traces on the pcb back to the main board and you will find the transistor.


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