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Kapton Tape On Davinci 1.0
Hey everyone,

I had 2 failures on the 1.0 where the base of the part stuck so well to the glass, that the glass broke trying to take it off.

I put Kapton tape on the new glass, thinking if it stuck bad, I could at least pull the tape off.

Well now, it sticks REALLY good to the Kapton tape, making it hard to get off at the end of each print.

I'm running Octave filament, 110 / 230 right now. Anything I can put on the Kapton to make it release easier?
I've had the best luck with acetone/abs slurry. But you have to wait until the bed completely cools. Hit it with a bit of freeze spray/canned duster if it sticks too well.
Do you have the Kapton tape on the glass, or just the glass (bare)?

Are you saying to shoot the canned duster on the plastic part, or on the glass around the part? I'm having trouble seeing in my mind.

I have the tape on the glass, and now the plastic sticks really, really good - to the point where I almost can't lift it up. Spray the base of the parts with the canned duster?
Yes, spray the part where it contacts the bed. More specific, if you use canned duster, invert the can so you are spraying the liquid. That should cool it enough to cause shrinkage and break loose. Be careful that there is not too much of a thermal shock or you might crack another bed. Wait to see if the part will release on it's own.

Also the Abs juice works well because your part will be sitting on a weak surface. Even better if you use abs that contracts alot like cheap cast toys.
After trying almost all possible things i can for making prints stick well (glue stick, hair spray, just bare kapton tape, kapton tape with abs slurry/juice, etc) I have realized that the simplest option is to stick with glue stick. What you could do is not use as much. I use regular elmers glue stick and before each print just clean off the area and put 2-3 layers of it on. No more! I follow the pattern- layer one of glue is horizontal, layer 2 is vertical and layer 3 is horizontal again. if you want something with a little less hold i guess you could try hair spray although that tends to fly around inside the printer and could get inside electronics and freeze up stuff if you dont do it carefully.

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