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Filament issue.
I know this is because I am extremely new to this. but. Picked up a Da vinci 1.0 with 1.2.3 firmware on it. Cleaned the hot end, the extruder feeder etc. On original oem firmware, printer cranked out the keychain demo no problem.

I am an android person so can't leave things alone...

Flashed Repetier . 92, successfully. Homed and leveled the bed.
Now I can load filament and watch it stream via load function under the Main menu..... but when the printer starts a print job, it claims there is no filament loaded.

this is just the sample print again.

Any help would be appreciated.
to work around disable the filament sensor in printer menu, settings,

do you use transparent filament or did you removed the small board ?
It's a transparent PLA that was in the printer when I bought it.

I will check into that work around when I get home. Had to go to work. Tongue
Ok, so this is normal, transparent filament is not detected by filament sensor, need to be disabled in this case.
Is this the case even though the XYZ software saw the filament? That what I printed the demo key chain file with.
they automaticaly disable feature for transparent xyz filament I guess

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