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Just installed gt2 pulley system
For anyone interested the gt2 pulleys work great with replacing the existing cheap plastic wheel gears and timing belt. The gt2 gears must be 8mm ID and 15mm OD 20t. They fit perfectly on the shafts and install time is about 1-2 hours tops.
Omg this upgrade rocks. The machines a lot more quiet. It also shakes a lot less.
Do you have some links to the exact stuff you bought maybe?
You will need 4x of these pulleys:

And a 4-5m sliced belt:

The belt will have to be cut and you can install it in the y carriage. The belt won't be connected but the y carriage does a great job holding the belt in. You could always print a clip for the belt but I find that it's not necessary. This pulley system is not the cheapo stuff on Amazon it's the real thing.
Thanks. I don't quite get that "The belt won't be connected", what do you mean? How do you attach both ends of the belt together?
They don't need to be attached. The y carriage has two clips on each side. You can clip in both sides of the belt in this way and it holds very tight. Technically you could print out a clip for the ends of the belt but since the belt already clips in to the y carriage I don't think its necessary.
Ah, silly me, I totally forgot that the belt is attached to the Y carriage Smile

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