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Help. Printer turns off after Repetier flash
Hello guys)
I'm having a bit of an issue here. Just flashed Repetier to my 1.0 and everything works fine, except for after I power the printer down it doesn't turn back on again (it comes on for a brief second and powers off immediately). I tried some basic troubleshooting and after about 10 min found that if I unplug any of the 2 power pugs from the motherboard, then turn on the PSU and plug the motherboard power cable back in- everything works fine. I tried re-flashing firmware, after shorting out pins JP1 I saw that the printer is working as expected, as far as powering on and off is concerned anyway (power LEDs stay on, black lines across the LCD etc.), but after uploading the firmware I'm back to square one again- turn the printer off and it doesn't turn back on again (unless I do the motherboard power cable trick)
When the printer is on, everything seems to work fine- heaters, motors, lights etc. As far as I can tell right now the only issue is not being able to power the printer on after powering it off.
Has anyone else seen this problem?
Any feedback is appreciated.
Thank you.
Hi can you explain a little what you call "do not turn back again" - power off/down is done by the switch on the side when on the board is powered - so please describe the printer state (LCD screen, Keypad reaction, connection to repetier, etc...) when you power on after power off - as seems working if you are able to JP1 and reflash.

Also what FW Version do you flash ?
Hi Luc,
This turned out to be a hardware issue that isn't related to flashing. I connected a different power supply to the printer and the issue went away. So, the good news is: I don't think there is a problem with flashing/firmware, and the bad news is: I need to fix the PSU or buy a new one. At this point it might just be very unfortunate timing, PSU started acting wonky right as the new firmware got installed. Didn't have too much more time to play with it today, but I will update if anything else happens.
Thank you for your reply.
well if you isolated the root cause you did the hardest part, you may check this thread if you did not saw it:

good luck

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