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Worn filament feeding gear ?
I love my Davinci 1.0 printer and am looking for an "Office Space" moment soon. After the cartridge/software many exciting hours, the heated bed filament failure, the calibration hours, the power supply replacement, the head cleaning to fix multiple jammings, the loose nut that makes calibration so much fun, now I believe the aluminum gear is getting worn.
Why I think that ? Because when the bed is too close, there no clicking, it just does not feed until I stop the print job, do a reload of the filament and check it comes out. Because at the last cleaning of the head there was quite a bit of black dust in the extruder area that I believe is actually shavings of the gear.
Where can I get a new, hopefully better, feeder idle gear ?
Thank you Tom, will give it a try. Am thinking to try first to file a bit the grooves of the gear to see if I can get some better traction...
Also take a look at my "stupid fix " thread. You may have another issue in the idler instead of the gear.


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