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make suports less thick with slic3r?
iv been printing items and its making the supports very thick anyone know how to change how thick they make them so they are easily breakable?
increase the print speed for supports
i am still having issues. The supports are hella hard to break off and its getting frustrating. When i was using XyzWare it was allot easier because of the presets. Anyone know how to fix this? They are so hard they are breaking off other material from the object.
I have this problem. I think you might have to lower the infill percent for supports. It will create more spacing between the supports. If I am using a small layer height of .2 to .3mm I skip every second layer on the supports and it always comes out fine. It's still a little tough to remove but its better than nothing.
Where would these settings be? I keep cutting my fingers trying to cut them off.

These are my print settings and I'm having issues with over extruding.
Didn't realize slicer doesn't have as many settings for support material. I use s3d. But I suggest you google what each parameter in the support material means. I'm sure you will find you answer faster than waiting around for one.
How do you switch to s3d?

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