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Repetier host and two extruders

Does Repetier host support two extruders in Da vinci duo? I know it supports duo in general but does it fully support?
Can you detail what you call "Full support "?
please check and let me know what you think is missing, may be it is not described.

So far only Jam Sensor is not yet functional, but it is available for test - the other parts of custom FW has more feature than stock FW - but any comment / suggestion is welcome.
Thank you. I meant the topics I saw here in "Da Vinci 2.0 Duo specific" area. I've printed from first and second extruder yesterday at night and both seemed to work without adding g-code to Slic3r. At least both accepted sent temperatures and heated up correctly when needed. I think I have to tweak real temperature of bed and nozzles because at the same temp of 210 white ABS filament I have is heated up too much. I'll take Fluke and check this out.
the Duo with one fan is what I have, so it is pretty well tested actually as every change I do are first tested in this configuration

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