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Exchanging all brass bearings on guides

Can anyone tell if it's normal that these printers have some looseness on all guides? I bought Da Vinci Duo, version with one fan on the head from second hand and I don't know what was the initial state. If I hold any guide and wiggle a bit on bushing, then I can feel a bit of looseness, rattle and it's not related to how brass is held by plastic elements but guide to bushing rattle. I know there is some issue with bushings on Z axis on right side where are held in U shape plastic, in my printer these are glued in place and it's not the case. If it's not normal I will deal with it , otherwise I can send printer to producer to repair it. What you think? All guides are held well, by the way.
It is and it isn't mine is loose but its because they glue in the bearings and they always come unglued. Get some good loctite super glue and glue them back in and they will be fine.
OK I talked with service department and they said there is some looseness. At least in Poland they can exchange original bearings to some better ones for some small money, only for bearings, not any working hours. These new ones are better but not mounted by default . Prize seems fair to me, about $3 for one bearing. They can also say what type are these new ones. In this case for now I don't see a point of exchanging them, maybe in the future.

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