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What grease should I use?
My printer is squeaking really bad and i was wondering what kind of grease I should use on it. I see there is already some grease on it from the factory.

It's easy to find if you google it. Although a lot of people use different greases. The popular grease people use is white lithium, although I prefer super lube. Just whatever you use needs to be something that can't damage plastic and or dries out.
White lithium is better for metal on metal. Where plastic is involved, silicone is better. Silicone with PTFE might even be better still.

Some people just use good old household 3-in-1

Of course, this is all easily googlable...
Thanks for the help. I did try a Google search and what I found was useless. Some people said don't use grease or oil because the bushings were self lubricating. Some said use only oil.

Thanks for the help
Don't buy that "self lubricating" bullshit. Oilite is slightly porous and they use a vacuum process to impregnate it with oil. Unfortunately when they get warm, the oil bleeds out. The only way to PROPERLY relube them involves burning out the original oil then reimpregnating them in a vacuum chamber.

Just regularly put a LIGHT coat of oil on your rails. As stated... 3-in-1, white lithium, and silicone based lubes are all usable. I found white lithium to be a little thick... I prefer a light-to-medium weight oil. I might have to apply more often but it seems to get into the bushings/bearings better.
Thanks I will give that a try. This printer is squeezing loud and it looks like the bushings are getting stuck & jumping on the rails.
I use super lube as stated above and I don't have to lube it very often. When the temps increase the lube is more of a liquid state and it doesn't evaporate at all. But as far as the squeaking goes it might be the metal panel in the middle of the extruder. The davinci extruder is top heavy and it has a lot of vibration when moving. When I used the stock extruder lube didn't necessarily help the noise as much.
Jumping on the rails sounds like alot more than needing lubed, unless youve been spraying hairspray all over the inside. You sure your X tension pulley is ok?
How do I test the tension on it. It looks fine visually. It's only about a 3inch section that acts up.
Yea it shouldn't be jumping. The plastic square on the left x carriage has a spring in it. You can check the tension there. There's a screw in it so don't mess with it without removing it. The white idler wheel may have worn a large hole into the plastic square. I just replaced mine with a printed one because it was cracked when doing normal maintenance. I Always check parts that are vulnerable to break after every long print.
The lithium grease did the job. It's not jumping anymore but there's a little squeezing from where the tensioner is. I am having a new problem. I was in the middle of a print and the extruder stopped heating up. I going to start a new topic for this.

Thanks for all the help.

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