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Is Simplify 3D Worth the Investment ?
V1 machine cracked but still using firmware J plus the modded XYZ print and Slicer3.

I ask the question cos I don't want to fork out $140 odd for no real gain in print quality. Also I'm about to embark on the InMoov robot project so will be doing a lot of printing and want the best results possible from the DaV.
For me, it was the difference between constant troubleshooting and constantly cranking good prints out. I was using slic3r and Cura before the switch. I only printed out two objects after the switch to s3d before I upgraded my extruder, but the difference in quality was remarkable.
Well I done bit the bullet and brought it, just don't tell the wife Wink

Must be an updated version cos I see posts saying it doesn't fully support the DaVin, yet all I've had to do is change the cost per Kg of filament, to get it costing the print right and that's it. I've run a couple of prints in Slicer3 and I'm now re-running them in Simplify to get a quality comparison. The only thing I would say is that it seems to be taking a fair bit longer to produce the prints than before. Any suggestions on tweak speeds would be welcome.

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