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Replacement Heatbed
So, after just over 2 weeks of ownership a piece of glass has flaked off my heatbed. I have sent an email to xyz but I am not golding my breath considering the reports I have heard regarding their support.

So has anyone replaced the heatbed with a reprap style bed? I was looking at the mk3 aluminium heat bed. I live in the UK amd they are £16 over here including a 100k thermistor.

Would this thermistor work with this printer, and would one of these heatbed work? They are 214mm x 214mm.

Any advice would be greatly appappreciated.

Thanks, Matt
From what I've see, the OEM bed thermistor is not 100k. It reads more like 400k at room temp.

I have two extra OEM beds here. The OEM glass with the OEM heater attached. You can have them both for 30USD + shipping. I'll include one spare OEM bed thermistor too.

Thanks for the offer but since I live in the UK it would probably cost more is postage than the actual bed. Also the glass would probably be in tiny pieces by the time the gentle couriers had handled it.

I want to source something within the UK that can be used as a replacement if I have any other issues.

I have ordered a MK3 Aluminium heat bed ( and will try this. I seem the remmeber the original thermistor is just taped to the bed so I will be able to re-use that. These new beds don't need a piece of glass so will be interesting to see how well it works.

Yeah.... I have an aluminum bed in my flashforge, guess what, I still put glass on it. Prints come out better, esp ABS.
Me too, replace da vinci with prusa MK2b PCB, and put glass on top.

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