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Mk series carriage design
I designed a mk9 extruder carriage based on wanting simplicity but functionality. It should work with any of the MK series and is still on design phase. Here are some pictures of the printed carriage. The main issue I want to solve with this design is better airflow to hotend and a simplistic easy to print design.

[Image: image-8.jpg][Image: image-9.jpg][Image: image-10.jpg]
That should work just fine with the MK8 or the MK9. Nice work.
Thanks. Its not the most attractive design, I don't want it to be that attractive yet.. I just want to make sure it works functionally. One thing that I will have to design is a way to direct airflow to the hotend. Right now the design is made so that you can stick kapton tape under the base where the heatsync is and this allows air to only flow to the hotend. I think this may be better in some aspects because its easy to clean up and the kapton tape catches any chewed filament. The mk9 gear has thick teeth and it's almost impossible to get it not to chew some some filament.

I printed out a better version since the first print was printed vertically as a quick test print. The spacing for the linear bearings is perfect so that you can slide them in without any adhesive. unfortunately my second print had supports too close to the printed object making it impossible for them to remove. I'll try to clean it up and I will post model pictures soon.

Lastly, my last design flaw I need to figure out is the stepper motor mount. The stepper motor gets hot ~ 120F max and I think it might warp the support. I am thinking a mild coat of epoxy (special 3d epoxy finish) should resist the heat.

[Image: MK9-1.jpg][Image: MK9top.jpg]
Barry this is nice work and should be an awesome base for other tweaks.
Would you happen to have the object posted somewhere so we can start tweaking/helping?
Sure I can get an .STL up here possibly tomorrow. I'm out of town for work atm.
What modeling program do you use? I could export it to a format that is more friendly.
I updated the Stepper motor support because it wasn't printing great and I didn't feel like modifying the slicer to fix it. So I made it more practical. The stepper support can be slid into place and printed separately. Th

is makes it easy to replace if your temps warp it by accident.[Image: mk9.jpg][Image: mk92.jpg]
I use sketchup currently, so no friendliness there! Im very used to cracking up and repairing .stl's into a solid object at this point.

On another note, nice move for the separate stepper bracket, should make it pretty easy if you had to raise the stepper for another hotend. Could easily just slide a metal plate in there with the mount holes where you want them, or print it I guess.
Nice idea. I'd make sure it can't move up and down while printing though... you don't want the print head to run over a blob and be pushed up.

[Image: mk9-2.jpg][Image: mk92-2.jpg]
I am going to use my last version as an extruder carriage. I decided to use acetone to seal the stepper mount in place. I will continue to improve the design after testing it with actual prints

[Image: image-11.jpg][Image: image-12.jpg]
Small update. Fixed spacing of hotend so it won't be near the pulley. Made some other small edits like to the panel so that cordage can be zip tied.

I will be posting the model to thingverse soon. I just want to make one final edit to the carriage to allow better airflow to the hotend.[Image: mk9-3.jpg][Image: mk92-3.jpg]
The carriage works great. Haven't had any issues with the design so I will post it since it is working. Here are some shots of the final design printed.

[Image: image-13.jpg][Image: image-14.jpg]

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