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Slightly improved x-axis idle pulley
This pulley is designed to use two 3x8x3mm ball bearings. Prints in two parts then snaps together. Depending on the accuracy of your printer, it may require a little sanding to fit (roll up sand paper, insert, twist). You'll need to remove the axle from the original white idle pulley... this can be done pretty easily with a soldering iron.. use the iron to heat the axle, then rip it out with a pair of pliers, clean off the excess plastic.

Pulley width is maxed out at 10.5mm so the pulley can't walk back and forth in the mount. I recommend a little lube on the pulley sides where it contacts the mount. Inner width is the size of the belt with tapered sides to keep the belt from walking back and forth on the pulley.

Print at 0.2mm layer, 30% infill. 2 perimeters, 3 solid layers.

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