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B3 Pico Hot End in a Da Vinci 1.0
5-1-15 I just printed with wood fill and ninja flex no problems. I will need to make small feed adjustments.
4-29-15 Added another part to the make mod. Changed thing:447903 to mount 50mm fan blowing air out from hot end side. Gives you a push pull fan system. Keeps everything cool including the stepper motor. Running the fan off external power supply.
4-27-15 Just made a V2. Works much better. Has a much shorter distance to push air past Hot end.
Yes it works great! Pico Hot end in a Divinci 1.0 Using - thing:707530 and a modified thing:620454 No problems with the thermistor readings or temps. It's spot on. I used 123D Design and MeshMixer to make my changes.
Followed the instructions for Thing 707530 and changed Thing 620454 to fit in the Divinci carriage. I add bearings to the tension wheel. I used the original Davinci 5Volt fan not the Pico 12 volt. It prints so nice now. I did take more off the carriage so no going back now. Why would I at this point? No problems with PLA or ABS. The Pico hot end is a work of art. I am running Repetier firmware .91 by Luc on a Hackintosh system. I did have to file down the E3d V6 parts for a better fit. I think I'll design my own for the next one. No problems with the thermistor readings or temps. It's spot on. Give this mod a go when your ready. You won't be disappointed with the results.
Just picked up a 2nd Da Vinci so I'll do a more in-depth step by step mod with better pictures.[Image: image.jpg][Image: image-2.jpg][Image: image-3.jpg][Image: image-5.jpg][Image: FullSizeRender.jpg][Image: IMG_2610.jpg][Image: image-4.jpg][Image: IMG_0129.jpg]
what is function of the grey stuff on filament sensor on picture 1 ?
It's some two sided tape so the sensor thinks there is always filament loaded. I might just get ride of the whole small board at some point soon.
you said you use repetier FW ? do you use BGM version or mine ?
Because BGM one does not has filament sensor support and mine - the sensor can be disabled in menu- so it is weird
It's your version .91. I like it a lot! Should have made the change long ago. Great work. It's a whole new printer now with your firmware and the Pico Hot End.
I'll have to disable that. I was so happy to get the new Hot end in did not think to check for that option. I am getting some NinjaFlex and wood filament today. I'll post how well or how bad they run. I don't see why I should have any problems.
It is OK I just wondered why you botter to do this as all the mod is pretty clean
Is fan cooling enough on extruder ? as pico is full métal I was wondering if the holder do not get soft with température
So far so good. The Da Vinci's 5v fan blows at like 11 cfm. The Pico 12v is only at 6. By using the Da Vinci's 5v and a 50mm pulling out it works great!
The fan holder is good so far. Just finished a 4+ hour print. The Pico fins seem to stay quite cool with both fans going. Even with just the back fan it's worked.
I added added the front fan to try and pint some Microcenter PLA flex, but that stuff is no good.
OK thanks, good mod , thanks for sharing

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