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Recently bought a DaVinci 1.0A, extruder has two fan plugs?
A friend and I are going into business together, and we've been playing around with an older DaVinci 1.0 printer with stock firmware for months now.

Recently I bought one for myself (both are technically for the business, but we're using them at home until we get a storefront) and got one of the 1.0A models with some changes.

After flashing it to Repetier firmware and doing some modifications in preparation to try and print with PLA, I noticed that the extruder seems to have the wiring for a second fan. The wire harness carries a second red wire and there's a secondary fan plug on the circuit board for the extruder.

Pictures included.

I'd like to know if there's a way to use the second plug for a cooling fan rather than repurposing the extruder fan plug. Can I just flash my 1.0 as if it were a 2.0 and gain control of the second plug? Or do I need to volunteer to be a guinea pig for some firmware modifications (which I'm fine with)?[Image: 20150501_023818.jpg][Image: 20150501_024740.jpg][Image: 20150501_024748.jpg]
check this

I see the plug but any wire from big connector go to this plug ? did you do a continuity test to check if something from the board go to this plug at the end ? I see 7 wires so 1 more than usual connector
but pin may not be pin same as 2.0
I'll check and see if any of the wires on the big connector connect to the fan port, if they do will I need to add the hardware in that thread you linked to? Or do you think it will be plug and play?
If connector is connected and you get right pin number , you just need a 5volt fan
I'll have to test the extruder board once my current print is done.

Would a 12v fan suffice? As I have one on hand but would need to order a 5v fan.
Okay, so it looks like the extra fan spot is wired up, I'm attaching a diagram that shows what wires attach to what pins. I assume that the separate ground wires are for individual fan control. I can try and chase the wires on the mainboard side from the harness if needed.[Image: 20150501_024740-2.jpg]
So, I made the changes in Configuration.h in the thread you linked to, and it correctly re-purposes the extruder fan to a cooling fan, but the second fan does not turn on. I'm no electrical engineer, but it looks like everything I would need to power the fan is there. The fan connection is wired to the harness on the extruder board and the corresponding pin on the mainboard seems to be wired in properly. See attached picture.

The second to last pin going left to right on that wide connector is the pin that connects to the trace for the fan on the extruder board. It's wired into Q107. The two input pins are wired to other hardware too, the left one going to both R256 (missing hardware) and R164, and the left pin goes to R257. All were tested for continuity with my multimeter.

am I missing anything?
As said may be the pin is not same as 2.0 it may be another pin, which make sense as it is not a 2.0 - be aware using wrong pin or wrongly may damage the printer
Any updates if this works? Without any modifications to the main board only the fan attachment?
I have the exact same issue - I have a Da Vinci 1.0A, and I have a place for a second fan connector on my board, I put on a connector there myself, but the fan gets no power.

If it helps anyone to diagnose the issue: I measured only 2 Volts on this, as opposed to 5 Volts on the connector for the first fan.

Also, I couldn't find any spare connectors to pursue the solution to hardwire the first fan to a power source on the Board. Any tips on that?

Best Regards
This is an older topic, but I think it deserves to be flushed out fully.  I am interested in doing this mod to allow fan control of both an extruder and layer fan.

It is pretty clear in this link: 

that additional components need to be added to the main board to control a second fan, basically just a 1k current limiting resistor to the NPN trasistor.

Then the software mods need to be made.

Has anyone else been able to replicate this?

I will document my mods as I work on this...

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