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Help with ADC channel 13 and 14 - Arduino Guru please!
I never have to touch too much the variant.cpp and understood how it works in details :oops:
Thanks to BGM all was already done and thanks Aaryn the missing part was completed.
Today Repetier is working using current variant.cpp, it can access to ADC channel 13 (extruder sensor) and ADC channel 14 (bed sensor)
which are defined nowhere from what I can see in variant.h!!!!!

I am now working on porting Marlin FW to Davinci to learn more and give more choice in FW usage - ( -
But Marlin FW is not able to handle ADC channel 13 neither 14, no raw value is read... seems they have different way to access channel.

So I have searched a little
Analog 13 is defined using PB20 / pin 65 which is actually ADC11 in [url= but this did not gave me any explanation.
as Repetier do a lot by itself compare to Marlin so I have tried to update variant.h to meet the needs
I have changed
from #define PINS_COUNT (79u) to #define PINS_COUNT (129u)
from #define NUM_ANALOG_INPUTS (12u) to #define NUM_ANALOG_INPUTS (15u)

add A13 and A14

static const uint8_t A10 = 64;
static const uint8_t A11 = 65;
static const uint8_t A13 = 65;
static const uint8_t A14 = 126;

but so far no success, Marlin cannot read channel 13/14 when repetier can.....

Anyone can explain me how to access to these channel in Marlin way ? Or at least, explain to me the concept of Mask pin ? May be I missed some change in variant.h for marlin



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