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Stepper motors overheating
For quite some time now I have noticed how the X and Y steppers become REALLY hot during printing, specially after more than an hour or so printing at ABS temps, with the door and lid closed. I can't say the exact temp they are at, but I can't keep a finger on them for more than one second, which suggests a temperature similar to that of the heated bed, so probably around 100ºC. The Z stepper and the extruder stepper are hot but not burning, what I'd expect as 'normal' temperature. So far I haven't seen any malfunction of the steppers though, so it might be OK after all, but it does feel worryingly high.

I'm not sure when this started exactly but I seem to remember than months ago I did not have this problem. Perhaps the upgrade to Repetier 0.92 introduced this? I'm tempted to do a temporary downgrade to 0.91 to see if it also occurs.

Any ideas?
so far no real change between 0.91 and 0.92 for motor stepper, it is normal Z heat less as it is less used than XY
If you can check 0.91 it would be good of course but I do not have such issue on my 2.0, you may also check your printing speed may be it is too high ?

may be you need to adjust the VRef on drivers ? it is also a way to decrease temp
Put heatsinks on them, steppers get hot...

I'm taking the OEM heatsinks from my flashforge extruders and putting them on the extruder steppers... I got a new aluminum print head that came with better heatsinks for the extruders.
Take the back cover off next time and put your finger on a a couple of the stepper drivers.... you might be surprised
I get this with higher speeds, the only thing that helps is opening the top cover and the stepper isnt as hot.
It shouldn't be the speed, as I usually print at 20 - 30mm/s.

I don't think we can adjust the voltage on the drivers with the stock motherboard, or can we?

Other than that, could the firmware configuration have any effect? I'm thinking of settings like the acceleration, although I don't remember having changed any.
I get this also, I don't think its a problem. Remember the heated bed is made of glass whereas the steppers are made of metal which conducts heat better so if they at the same temperature they would feel much hotter. My estimate of their temperature is about 60 degrees, which is towards the high end of acceptable and expected temperatures.
Not sure where you're pulling 60 degrees from as operating temp for the steppers...

Quote:Maximum operating temperature:
A: 221 °F (105 °C);
B: 266 °F (130 °C);
F: 311 °F (155 °C);
H: 356 °F (180 °C)
Class B is the most common type for 60 cycle motors in the US. Internationally
Class F is the most common type for 50 cycle motors. Generally speaking, going 10 °F above the maximum temperature will reduce the motor life by half.
I'm having exactly the same issue. I'm only printing at 40mm/s and the X axis stepper is piratically on fire. There has to be something wrong with the firmware for it to be this bad. The original XYZ firmware didn't do this.

Just to answer questions before I get them. The top of the printer was wide open, heated bed was at 60C and the nozzle was at 180C, print speed was at 40mm/s, travel speed is 100mm/s. Plastic is PLA, my print time was about 4 hours give or take before it lost about half an inch. The stepper was so hot that I almost burned my hand touching it. The Y axis wasn't quite as hot but it was close. I've already replaced the X axis stepper once because it was losing steps due to overheating.
There was another weird issue I had where running the auto bed leveling would move about 75% of the way across the buildplate and then would make horrible noises and lose steps like it was glitching and wouldn't line up the probe with the touch off plate. I don't know if it's related but I thought I would mention it. Is there some way to lower the current in the firmware because the printer is useless like this.

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