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Da Vinci 1.0 AIO with E3D V6 and Stock firmware
I've been lurking this forum for months now and have learned tons thanks to all of you guys! I own a Da vinci 1.0 AIO and from my understanding repetier is still very buggy and not functional without a lot of experience and tinkering to get it functional some of the time. I'm more comfortable modifying the hardware and I believe this is quite possible to put the E3D V6 extruder in using the stock firmware and an external temp sensor or same thermistor. I am very familiar with Solidworks and other CAD based software.

The reason I want to try to exchange extruders is because I have been trying to print nylon and other flexible filaments for quite some time with limited success due to jamming, clogging, and poor layer adhesion. I have two fans cooling the heatsink and metal feeder-tube above the aluminum block. this doesn't seem to be enough or make much of a difference. I can't come up with anymore solutions that done require me changing firmware.

I already have gotten Simplify3d, Cura and Slic3r to work successfully with the AIO and all of them have a option called a "Z axis offset." I"m thinking if I could make or alter a harness for the E3D to fit in, that has a similar z axis clearance as the old extruder did, then I could make the small adjustments through software.

I am aware if I were to run repetier I was have to change the thermister table that's specific to the E3D V6, although there is no way to do this with the stock firmware That I am aware of. The only way I can think to get around this is to either use a spare/ similar thermister the Da vinci uses and install that in the E3D or to play around with the temp settings in Slic3r/cura/etc. and figure out what the temp actually reads using a electronic thermometer. From there make my own table saying what XYZware reads vs the actual temp of the E3D.

I have been playing around with the idea of ordering a cheap knock off E3D to play around with and hopefully make a working model That I can print out fit it with the stepper, breakout PCB fans and of course the E3D V6. I would love to hear what you guys think and if you think it's possible!
You may use my E3Dv6 mod ( which has the same Z axis clearance as the stock hot-end.

And sure, you could reuse the stock thermistor and you'd probably have normal temp readings with the stock firmware, but still, your premise is wrong. The repetier firmware is neither buggy nor not functional, quite the opposite in fact. Just out of the box it already works as good if not better than the stock. You don't really need to configure anything or tinker with it if you don't want to. But since you are going to print PLA and other materials that will probably need active layer cooling, you may as well want to control a fan with the gcode, which you can only do with Repetier. It basically opens you up to a world of possibilities that you´ll never have with the stock firmware. The only advantage of staying stock is the scanner, but I hear it's crap...
I understand that and I wish I had the 1.0, but I have the AIO which from what I have read on here people have to do a lot to get it to work on their AIO. If you can find a link to where someone has done it successfully I would appreciate it hugely

You right though the scanner is crap which is why I am willing to rid of it using Repetier I just want some re assurance that someone with the AIO has done it and it works. the only thing I have found on here is people's horror stories of Repetier and the AIO
Admittedly I don't usually peek at the threads about the AiO models, but it was my understanding that the firmware did work with them just as with the 1.0/1.0A, only without the scanner functionality, but I might be wrong. I'd ask Luc to confirm, if anyone knows for sure it's him.
i do not follow neither, I just got one message once it was ok, but nothing more.
Did not got any issue raised on tracker for AIO.
Do you have details /sources of type of problem ? all open issues are in tracker if no one raise any , as I do not have an AiO, I cannot be aware.
I have one question: Is flashing it the same process as it would be with the 1.0? Thanks so much for your reply and I would love to get it installed and getting the printer working to it's fullest extent.
should be same as 1.0A, again if you can share what issue AiO run into it, I could feedback before you jump, I do not say there no issue, just none I am aware of
Thank you so much for replying. I noticed that some motherboards arnt compatible but I can't seem to find a straight forward answer do you think you could tell me? Also could you point me to where someone flashes a 1.0A? Thanks so much
great! I am in the process of changing the firmware although I would like to have some kind of backup of the stock firmware for the AIO. I have looked through a lot of threads but none of them have working links to the firmware. Do you think you could point me in the right direction?
Nope sorry - but if AiO is same as1.0A (and I am pretty sure it is) be aware : fw is encrypted - so you won't be able to go back to stock FW once in repetier by yourself
so if you move to repetier be sure you are ready to Jump
do you think there would be any possibility of socially engineering it from their support staff? I ttook them >7 months to send me a new mother board.
you can try -What do you mean exactly by " socially engineering it from their support staff" do you know them ?
I don't know them although I could try convincing them xyz ware isn't downloading the firmware or detecting so they would send it? I'm not sure I could try playing it by ear.
Please have a try - so far everyone had to send back the board when it happened - if you can get the tool to flash encrypted fw, several people will be happy for sure

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