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Bed homing of Z in rep .092
Hey guys one last question and I'll stop spamming questions. I want to make sure this is a slicer problem in S3D. I home the z axis in repetier and level bed to nozzle tip. Then I send a print via S3D and it prints fine. My issue is that the z homing doesn't seem right or consistent. When I go to print sometimes the bed doesn't seem to be at the right z position and the nozzle to scrapes the bed. I then have to turn off the printer and re-level. It seems like possibly the slicer isn't lowering consistently adjusting the bed z level or it changes frequently.
Watch this...
Run a manual bed level
Then (carefully, don't burn yourself) push the bed down on the springs and let up
Run another manual bed level

Chances are, it won't be level on the second run and you'll have to re-adjust. The spring/screw mounts don't hold a repeatable position well.

Also, if you're changing bed temp between prints you have to re-level.
Damn. So I guess it sounds like its common practice to level the bed every print?
Or be more careful removing prints and cleaning the bed...
Some time ago I thought of replacing the springs on the 3 leveling screws with stronger springs, to see if that would help achieve more consistency but I haven't found time yet to attempt it.
It was my slicer causing the offset. I had to save a template because it kept resetting the offset amount. One last thing I have to tweak is the offset or origin of the printer bed. My prints end up off center of the print bed. This will be an easy fix.

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