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Changes in temperatures for manual bed levelling
My 1.0 is on Repetier.
I often change from material, pla, abs, carbon fiber....
The menu assited manual plate levelling is a wonderfull tool (my machine is very different in levelling because of the enormous differences in temperatures between the products)
Is the a dynamical option to change the temperatures from the bed and nozzle?
When i use pla, it gets burned in the nozzle at the ABS settings, and the measurement of the bed height differs to much.
I have same issues. Printing with PLA my bed temps are alot lower so the calibration is a little off. Would be awesome just to have 3 choices after you select the bed leveling option from menu, with 3 pre-defined options to choose from. The current leveling routine, then a 190/55 option....etc. If the menu work is too much being able to define it in the settings menu wouldn't be horribly cumbersome. I definitely dont have the skills to pull that off, but you could submit it as a feature request on Luc's github (assume thats the firmware you are using).

Located here:
temperatures are in EEPROM you can change them by editing EEPROM in repetier, this is has been done a long time ago to avoid to reflash when temp do not match needs,
Luc, is assume that we are talking about the ABS preheat settings?
Just did a quick and dirty measurement of the bed height versus nozzle clearance
Left the bed and nozzle at room temp, nozzle in center of bed, calibrated at 0.1mm
Then i heated the bed in steps of 10 degrees until 100, and down again same steps.
Measured the clearance of the cold nozzle, not moving anything!

Bed temp clearance

100 0,35
90 0,35
80 0,35
70 0,35
60 0,3
50 0,25
40 0,2
30 0,15
20 0,1

So clearly, this machine is very temperature "instable" for people switching materials.
To be clear, i have on top of the glassplate, a carbon fiber printplate.

I will repeat my process for the head only, but having an E3D V6, i can imagine it is only suitable for a minority of users here ;-)
yes abs and pla, abs temperatures( extruders and bed )are used for load filament, clean nozzle, bed levelling
check what we did here,

David did a lot of measurements
Did a lot of tweaks this morning, measuring, and realising, that for an exact working situation, i have to change the preheat abs setting, and then do a manual calibration.
Also optimised the bed and extruder pid settings, temperatures are rocksteady now ;-)
Just waiting for my stainless steel nozzles from e3d, printing with colorfabb xt Carbon fiber wears the nozzle out in no time!!!
Getting beter all the time
every change you needed could be done by EEPROM settings modification or did you had to reflash ? just to know if any adjustment is needed in settings availability
Luc, it is easy, i use the menu settings, And the store to eeprom
Changed abs to the settings i used for pla, then did a manual bed level. I just have to change the abs settings Zach time i change material.
For the temperatures, the bed i choosed pid, And the rest of these settings are ok
In case of the extruder, i first did a pid run with repetier, and put the settings in the davinci thru the menu's . The a store to eeprom, and everything fine ;-)
Would of course be Nice to be able to choose some default materials for the load/ unload and the manual leveliling, but i with this Workaround it is Ok.
Many thanks!
Printing the elephant Right now, 0.3 nozzle, pla cooling fan on nozzle, fans in the Side cover, beatifull results.
good then, happy printing :cheer:

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