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USB SD Card Access
I've been looking at the Arduino / Repetier code and am looking at implementing an SD card mode. So you'd select "SD Host" from the utilities or something like that and it would put the machine into SD mass storage mode for quick file transfers. Currently I can't see any way to do this with Arduino code, though. Has anyone got any experience of this? The main reason for this is that the new motherboards have a micro SD card slot, so I'd have to make a converter to allow me to use a WiFi SD card with this mainboard. The other reason is I like messing with stuff... and I could use the 2nd Due board to replace the electronics in a cheap Chinese laser machine, so I'm keep to familiarise myself a bit more.

I've just ordered myself a Due board to make testing easier as my printer isn't by my dev machine. My starting point will be the Atmel ASF samples, as they seem to have something which does what I need. It may be a case of moving the Repetier code over to Atmel studio and their USB framework. Not sure how difficult a task it's all going to be yet, but should keep me amused for a bit.

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