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Is the extra-cheap ABS filament any good?
Is the extra cheap filament you can get on ebay (like this stuff) worth trying? While everyone prefers things to be as cheap as possible, if it means the extruder clogs and you get crap results, then its a false economy.

If this stuff is no good, can someone recommend a decent economy abs filament? I'm not bothered about the best possible finish possible, just getting a good print at a reasonable price.

All comments very welcome!
If I lived within the UK, with free postage, I'd definitely risk buying one spool to test it. As long as it doesn't clog, even if the quality is so so, it could be a great cheap filament for quick prototyping. But dispatching to the EU adds another £9.00 so it's no longer cheap.
I have bought from them and the filament seems fine BUT I am quite certain there is less than 1kg on the spools.

Total weight including spool was 1050g vs 1350g and 1150g from my other sellers. So the 'cheapness' is not so much to do with quality as quantity.

Worth noting that ABS pallets are less than $7/kg and colourant is $1, so their raw material cost is ~4 GBP. The markup in filament price is usually down to retail costs: Most direct sellers can easily deliver for ~13-15 GBP without any impact on quality.
Update: Unwound the remainder of the roll and weighed the spool. Turns out you get 925g of filament, so its not too bad a deal. Will probably buy from them again just because they have a different set of colours to my other suppliers.
I took a punt on it and it's turned out to be about as good as any other ABS I've tried so very good value I would say.
Davinci 1.0 with repetier 0.92 & E3D hotend
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I brought a cheap roll of black filament off ebay and found it to be absolutely useless, constantly clogging. I then researched the supply problem and ordered short lengths from a number of suppliers on ebay. In the end I found a company that sell filament but also advertise that they do printing as well. A 1kg spool costs about £18 post free, arrives in a couple of days and prints superbly. Problem solved Smile
My printer is the DaVinci 1.0A and I have been using Hobbyking esun ABS filament which is good value. and search for esun. I have not had any clogging.
The red wasn't as good as the DaVinci cartridge red but the white was fine.
I have yet to test brown, gold seemed OK but have only printed small pieces.
Microcenter in the US rebrands their E-sun stock as Inland. I have had really good success with everything except for their PLA gold. A failed print hurts a whole lot less when it cost 2 pennies. Wink Ive learned a ton from tweaking settings to accommodate their filament types. Their PET is fantastic, especially at $20 /kg, limited colors though.

A friend did show me a print he did with Voltivo ABS and there definitely is a quality difference you can see. The cheap stuff is great for getting your feet wet though. Ive been printing for almost a year now, and am finally feeling like I have it down for the most part.

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