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LCD Black bars after .92 upload and CPU Reset
Hi Guys,
I tried finding an answer to this in the forums but all the search would give me is the LCD black bars when turning the printer on. This is what I have done.

I followed the 7 minute tutorial by another forum member for installing and configuring the Arduino software and Repetier firmware. I used Arduino to edit the configuration.h for my model (1.0) and uploaded the sketch for .92 successfully. Please see the screenshot for the Arduino window successfully sending the CPU reset command. My Screen however did not reset to the repetier boot/menu and remains showing two black bars.

I am assuming it is safe to simply turn off the printer and then try the upload again but I have not until I advised to by someone with more expertise. I'm not sure if the printer will restart with the Stock Firmware or simply into a reset mode like when I jumpered the JP1.

Patrick[Image: arduino.png]
I have had to turn the printer off as the steppers where heating up.
And for fun I just turned it back on and it is now showing the repetier screen. Do I still need to do the fail safe menu option?
Yes after flashing you have to turn off then on the printer - to reset the screen - if you already did load fail safe or M502/M500 with new FW no need
Thanks for the reply Luc, it seems that the few writeups I read on the flash process where missing the power off step or I completely missed it. I assume the load fail safe is basically "defaults" since what I saw in the menus for settings changed after that and that it is recommended so that a bad setting doesn't do something unexpected to the printer .
you right seems I put this in notes but did not updated readme since we use new screen initialization - thanks for pointing this - I will update the read me

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