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Latest Firmware Release (not so good) news

It seems that on the newer version of the Davinci Firmware, they block the ability to change the temperature by no longer reading the temperatures for the Bed and Extruder from the cartridge, or at least not from the same location - we're investigating about this issue and will post any news if we find a workaround. What we said from day one remains: Do not upgrade your firmware as chances are it will cripple the resetter's ability. Most quality improvement changes will come from a better slicing program or a revised XYZWare and not from a new firmware. The resetting of the cartridge still works (with the app blocked by the firewall) as of today.

I am not sure how many printers or from which starting firmware version this took effect but we are getting reports that FW 1.0.6 and 1.0.D on the new DUO has this issue, so be careful if you choose to upgrade still ... Oh and the new 2.0 comes standard with FW 1.0.D out of the factory --- at least this is what one of our users reported from Italy ...

If you know of a workaround, let me know and I'll add a patch to the code. If you know how to downgrade the new version motherboards with a decent firmware please also let me know (I'm working on this too and will post if I find a solution).
If someone can provide me with a non-encrypted version of the firmware I can help out. Otherwise I would say using the stock firmware is looking unlikely from now on... Sad

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