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Repetier 0.92 cools while printing
It's a 1.0 printer.

I just made the switch to repetier today and I've got my first print done. I'm still working on getting Repetier-Host to talk to it, but I had it print a sample from the SD card. As soon as the print begins, temperatures start falling, the extruder clicks, and the print no longer adheres to the bed.

I can get around this by setting Maintenance -> Preheat ABS. With that, the extruder and bed stay heated through the print. But this seems dangerous to rely on, especially for long prints. It's also less than ideal because the extruder stops in its last position. Rather than pulling the extruder away after a print finishes, it stays touching it.

Has anyone run into this or have any ideas how to work around it?
well you cannot use XYZ sample from SDCard just like this - it won't work - some command may not work or are missing I did not check the content of the sample GCODE.
you need to modify the GCODE of the sample to work with repetier or use repetier host and slice a new object

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