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Anyone looking to buy a few davinci printers?
One printer works fine has borosilicate glass bed installed. Wiring will need to be saughtered to new extruder. Comes with mk9 from makerbot and 4 x professional linear bearings 19$ a piece paid originally. It also comes with two hardened x axis shafts. For use with the linear bearings. Firmware installed is repetier .92. Send me an offer at [email protected]
Sorry for your troubles...

I'd give ya $150 shipped... I know that's low, but that's all I can afford right now. You can keep your new parts, and just ship me the old parts...

These things seem to sell pretty well on eBay here lately... You might try that...

Anyways good luck with the sell...

You can ship them both to me, I'll fix them, and keep one as payment.... ship the other one back in working order.
Ill think about that Tom, but I have a feeling you would send back the printer in working order with a script to self distruct
No, I'm not a dishonest person. You may not like me, you may think I'm an asshole. But I'm not a dishonest person. The offer was genuine.

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