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3F20A_FW_V1.0.B.bin ?
Does anyone have the 3F20A_FW_V1.0.B.bin firmware?
Well, I found a version, but of course its encrypted so I cant flash it. Sad

Anyone found a way to get back to V1.0.B ?

I may be heading toward Repetier, I think it's sortof working on the new revision PCB's?
I believe the only issue with the new versions of printers on repetier is after a few months the printer starts flipping out and layers end up shifting way off mid print.
it happen also on stock FW - it is not linked to FW - 1.0A has poor wiring that may affect sensors
Oh interesting..
Well I won't says there is no problem - and as I said before, could have several root cause for this issue but, saying it is just fw it is little bit too easy - fw do not change and getting old - hardware do - if it is a truly FW issue it will affect everyone using it, which is not the case, and it won't happen on stock FW, which it is.
And saying we are not talking about same issue, blablabla, it is just a way to say: "I do not know, no one know but I am right" (not me, the speaker).

About flashing back to stock : so far it is not possible for 1.0A by yourself, unless you send board/printer back to support, so in this case any other change can be do by them - no guaranty you get same HW - so for me this is not a relevant until someone did it personally sorry - also as mentioned work around was not in FW before and since then I do not read anymore new raise about this. This does not means there is not another problem - but the original issue is HW not FW - FW just workaround, FW repetier is not aware of all Workaround needed that is true, so I fully agree need some tuning.

Just to be clear I do not say there is no bug - I just get tired of people pointing out FW without proof or even using it, saying I have no time to check but this is FW I am sure - this is not constructive.

I do not want to be rude just need to speak out
Thanks luc, that's reassuring. What compile settings do I need for the 2.0A? Do I just set the j37 / new hardware flag to 1 and the model to 2 fan duo? (thee are 2 fans on the extruder head on mine)
for a 2.0A with 2 fans - I think very few duo with 1 fan exist actually and I have one

#define DAVINCI 3 // "1" For DAVINCI 1.0, "2" For DAVINCI 2.0 with 1 FAN, "3" For DAVINCI 2.0 with 2 FAN
#define MODEL 1//"0" for first generation (jumper JP1 to reset ) , "1" for new generation (jumper J37 to reset)

But I remember have several people with 2.0A on this forum- they may give you the stock 2.0AFW - if you flash to repetier you won't be able flashback to stock unless you can restore the Davinci bootloader (I guess this is the difference that lock the revert flash)
Thanks luc, I'll give that a go. I think the reason stopping people reverting to the stock 1.0.B firmware is purely because its encrypted. The image itself looks to be very similar to the 2.0FW, so if there was a decrypted version I believe you could just flash back to it.
I think there is a 2.0A fw here : dvF200A000 Version 1.0.11
Yes, that's the one I have. And it is encrypted! Sad

It appears to be using a 16 byte block cipher of some kind, but this is not my area of expertise, so I think I'll go with Repetier now as it gives me more flexibility. I like the idea of being able to use more materials, so may one day upgrade the hotend, so Repetier does make the most sense...

Thanks again for your help.
seems the first part is not encrypted(the first 16 bytes)
dvF200A000+1.0.B or dvF10SA000+1.1.3
it could be the key ? I am not an expert neither - far far far from my limited knowledge
It looks like a 16 byte header containing the firmware type / version followed by the encrypted data. If you compare the 2.0 firmware with the 2.0A you can see repeating patterns of 16 bytes in the A firmware which map to blocks of 16 zeros in the 2.0 firmware -- which seems to indicate some kind of 128bit block cipher. However what the cipher is, I have no idea, and most ciphers these days are not breakable even knowing what ciphertext matches to plaintext. So unless there's some way to get an unencrypted version of the B fimware, there's no way to reflash to it. Sad
If you are handy with the decompiler you could probably figure out where is the decryption performed and extract the (harcoded) encryption key. But the question is, is it really worth it? Why run stock firmware at all, however hacked, if Repetier is so much better?
IMHO - it is good to give people choice to go back to stock if they do not like repetier FW
Yeah, I would prefer the option to use stock firmware if I chose to. However I've now got Repetier flashed on there and I must say it's much nicer than the stock firmware from what I've seen so far.

I just need to calibrate the bed now -- which I understand I just do manually. So home all axes then adjust so the bed is level at this Z-position?

The only other thing is the printer is coming up as unrecognised device? Might just be because I dont have an internet connection where the printer is and it's not picking up the drivers -- I assume it just ends up as a standard COM port?
oscahie: The code to decrypt the firmware is stored in the firmware, so you cant do that. The 2.0A ships with encrypted firmware flashed -- the only way to figure out how to decrypt it is to have a dump of the installed firmware.
You mean the bootloader decrypts the firmware on each boot up? I assumed it'd be the XYZWare who decrypts and then flashes the decrypted firmware?
I assume they flash a decrypted firmware to the system (ie. the firmware decryptes the update and flashes itself) unless they decrypt and run from RAM. You cant read from the flash, so this is perfectly reasonable and safe from their perspective.
in this case the decrypted FW should be on SD card as it is first copied to SD then flashed

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