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Long story short have had the crappiest time with this printer printed about two things and problems started.
I have the 1.0a model and live in Australia, I had to do the fix for the 0011 error because of the new motherboard, and it started working again, I have put repetier firmware on the machine and it started working again, briefly.
Now I keep getting def error on the heater side of the display and can't understand what went wrong.
Do i need a new motherboard?
Is there a way I can replace motherboard with another machine or cheaper option and still use repetier??
Please help I am frustrated no one here in Sydney knows what to do with this machine.
def means you have a sensor that is defective
when you connect repetier host it display the temperature in status bar for bed and for extruder one of them should be wrong
also you should check the 3 red leds on your motherboard, if one or more of them is off, it means your motherboard is damaged - there are several thread to explain how to fix it
Ok cool, thanks for your help the three lights turn on I am going to be doing the resistor fix again as i think it might have been a dodgy solder because what i receive now is a "def" error on the heater side but on the bed there is no issues in heating etc.

I'm going to do that now and then see if it fixes the issue otherwise a new motherboard delivered in oz is $160

I am starting to think i should have purchased a different printer altogether this thing is doing my head in.
Yes Davinci is fragile so any change must be done carefully - it is cheap so you have what you pay for
thermistor part is very sensitive - if temperature under -20 or more than 300 it generate a sensor error
if less than -20 is may mean one wire is broken, if more than 300 it means the 2 wires do a short
another test is to unplug sensor to see if temperature is different without sensor

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