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Who wants to see me throw my davinci out my window
Who wants to see my throw my davinci out the window and bash into it with my car? I'm about at this point. My mk9 extruder has no consistency to it. The first hotend I out on brand new and the abs flowed perfectly but the abs didn't stick to the bed even with acetone and kapton tape. Then I managed to get shredded filament from the gears. So I took my new hot end apart and started fixing it, in the meantime I put another extra hotend on and adjusted the gears to be smooth so that the filament could glide through. This resulted in the filament curling at the tip of the nozzle, how the heck can it clog already with 2 mins of use? Nothing made a different in how the filament flowed. I have my extruder calibrated right with all the steps per mm. I give up. Who's ready for some YouTube videos?
it is all about tuning the right location
if flow is ok but not sticking on bed = bed leveling or bed temperature or print settings (flow on first layer / speed on first layer) not extruder

I suggest you to go back to square one and focus on one issue at once (1 good flow then 2 bed adhesion) - trying to fix several issues at once is likely subject to failure and frustration even you know exactly what you are doing.

also as you mentioned before you changed thermistor, even temperature looks good, you need to ensure/evaluate the 220 displayed now, it can be a 210 that may in addition be subject to external air flow variation, and drop temporary to 205, that may clog your extruder,
so first be sure you use the correct temperature range for the flow, that may not be the one you get used to, you must calibrate the steps and the temperature range for your new extruder

I got this kind of issue before and inconsistent results are always due to wrong assumption that give wrong settings

do not give up - Davinci cannot fly Smile
Well maybe I can use it to make pancakes? But for real, should I adjust the steps per mm in repetier or the firmware? Does changing the feedrate effect the steps per mm? How do I know what a good feed rate is?
Screw the davinci. It's a piece of crap. I've never had some many issues with it. The temp was too low at 160 (with a reading at 270c)for my extruder using a thermal laser gun. I used the correct table conversion for my extruder and it the readings are way wrong. I increased the temp incorrectly just to get it to a normal reading with my thermal gun. Even with a temp of 220 my filament curled out of the head of th nozzle. Now remember when I installed this brand new nozzle it did the curling immediately. I am sick of getting jams after the first extrusion. Time to sell my davinci and pick up a duplicator. It's only 400$ more and it has linear bearings and dual mk8s already installed
The curling on the nozzle tip is totally normal as far as I can tell. I see it from time to time, mostly when the nozzle is dirty. I don't see how that can have any effect on the print though since the gap during printing between the nozzle and the bed should be small enough to make curling possible.

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