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MK2 (or MK3) Heatbed on Davinci XYZ 1.0a
Has anyone decided to mount an aftermarket heatbed like the very popular MK2/MK3 in order to use interchanagble pieces of glass on their printer? I am curious if the printer's board can use this bed without any issues becuase i am interested in swapping mine out for faster print cycles. Seems easy enough to adapt the current Z carriage to hold it. Thanks!
- Christian Filloux
I can confirm that this works. I just did this upgrade.
I used a 3mm thick mk3 alum heatbed and a 3mm tempered glass. this raised my bed several mm, so I had to adjust the build plate homing tab height. I just used a bit of aluminum tape to extend the tab around 7mm.also, you need clamp the glass to the bed somehow, I am currently designing it in 123d design and will upload to thingiverse soon. in the meantime, I just bent some pci slot fill plates and it seems to work fine. I put a little glue under the glass to help hold it.

When doing this upgrade, remember to disconnect and leave disconnected the blue wires that connect to the back corners of the build plate. since the heat plate is aluminum, it could short out the motherboard if any voltage leaks through. so tape the blue wires down.

one issue though, sometime I get a 010 error because it takes longer for 130watt heater to heat up that much mass, it will get to 80C and then timeout, so I cancel the job at 70C, then restart it and walk away. perfect prints, no hotspots. no weak glass.

clamps: [url=[/url]
[Image: IMG_20150803_233642.jpg][Image: IMG_20150803_233516.jpg][Image: IMG_20150803_233901.jpg][Image: IMG_20150803_233507.jpg][Image: IMG_20150803_182741.jpg][Image: IMG_20150803_233538.jpg]
Cool bro! I was wondering About this aluminum bed mod. Am looking at an all aluminum heated bed instead of class but need to know about the cables solder to the stock heated bed.How do you wire the thing up to the aluminum bed? I try to probe the contacts wires on the heated bed to find what the polarity is but cant get a voltage reading. Thanks in advance!
Funny I ran across this. I just purchased an XYZ 1.0a last week. First issue was the cartridge read error. Rather than bother with fixing it i flashed it. 3 days later after a large print my bed glass lost a chunk from the middle. I purchased a new bed and heater from ebay.

I installed it using the stock thermocouple and heater wires. I would really like a new "Z" platform for all this to ride on since I will likely be adding glass but don't want to lose height. Oh and yes it heats up very slow. I heard you could wire both the 12V and 24V circuits which I am now investigating. I had to use a grinder and dremel a bit to make it fit well. Now I have an issue with sticking even with my wife's hair spray and glue. Might be going back to a glass equivalent.[Image: Installation_of_MK2B.png][Image: Broke_Free.png]

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