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Old 1.0 reaching perfection ;-) thanks to this forum!
After many hours spending on Prusa like machines, i wanted to go to a cheap replacement, finished product!
Found a cheap used 1.0 with a broken bed (glass)
What did i do on this machine?
First, put another printbed over it, i use 4mm glass or a carbon plate (which i prefer)
Before the print, i spray 3D lac on it, works with ABS and PLA, nu more fuss with tape, kapton or glue. And it is very very tolerable to height, don't have to "scauch" the first layer with this metod.
I glued all the bearings that where lose (on each axe there are 2 of them), no more rattles.
The Z axe, i completely overhauled, and now, it is perfect, not 1 issue with banding or wobble..
Repetier on it, and got full control over the printer.
Then of course, came the ABS limitation, which i countered by mounting one of my old E3D v6.0 hotends, was quite a job, but what a joy to be able to use my old stuff, and especialy all the exotics like wood and copper.
Some small stuff to do:
Adjusting the hotend temp, think it is about 10 degrees off.
Building a PLA cooling fan, (printing a version right now)
Configuring the Toshiba flashair V2.0 card
And the other things i will still encounter...

But man, is this Da Vinci a good machine! what is see from it in the stores is bad, but this machine has some serious potential, especialy for the money ;-)
I thank everyone
Can you provide some detail regarding your Z axis overhaul? I'm still striving for perfection Smile
I too am very interested in a z-axis overhaul! So far all of my attempts have been less than satisfactory.
I am not sure what he did, but I am planning on swapping my z axis for one out of a solidoodle 4. It is pretty darn close size wise so I think it will be pretty simple. lol
First, unscrew the 2 screS which holds the metal plate on top of the z carriage, to free the brass nut.
Lower the bed halfway, put something under it.
Then unscrew the 4 inbus screws on the coupler of the z screw, and very evenly tighten them until the z screw turns straight. May take some time and some redo's.
Then, make sure the z axe is aligned with the top hole of the chassis, i had to shim the front Right Side of the motor
Then you align the nut with the bed, lift the bed until the screw goes in, aligned, so not forced to the Side or front back.
The Side adjustment is done by the richt rod, front back is done with the Right rod.
It takes some time and "feeling", but my wobble is Gone;-)

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