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Problem with temperature showing
Hello to all,

I have a Davinci 1.0 with repetier 0.92 (1.15-03-20_1.1) and E3D V6 head

All be fine until yesterday when printer stop extrude filament in middle of print job.

I shutting down and when turn on again Heater showing 130C and bed showing 122C always.

If I try to load filament after a while receive decouple error.

Any idea from experts?


You shorted something out and fried a resistor on the control board. There are multiple threads about this.
Hi Tom,

Thanks for your response. I try to find something familiar to my problem but i cant. Any suggestion thread?
I believe problem is in marked resistor photo below. When measuring with poly meter reads 2.5Ω

In 2nd photo mine PCB part number

[Image: DSC00299.jpg][Image: DSC00300.jpg]
C2 - C probably means capacitor, not resistor

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