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Carriage colliding with chassis.
Hi all, I finally bought a 2.0A duo and just started to set it up.

The first dodgy thing I noticed was juddery head movement and the front bar of the X axis bending downwards when the head was seeking back to home from cleaning the nozzles. It appears the carriage is hitting the frame at the back of the printer as the X axis is not parallel with the chassis and the optical Y stop is set such that the head then collides with the chassis on moving the head from left to right returning to the home position.

While the head is colliding it pushes the carriage forward which then levers down on the front bar of the X axis causing it to bend noticeably downwards and the steppers to skip.

I've registered and contacted XYZ, but thought I might get a quicker and better response here. Smile

The other issue is auto calibration doesnt work, returning [num], ERR, [num] every time. It looks as though the head isnt far enough forward to touch the metal tabs for calibration to me, but I'll need to investigate further one the carriage hitting the frame is sorted.
You need to release the tension on both Y belts and align the carriages on both sides.
Ok, sounds sensible! Any tips on how to release the tension on the belts? It'll hopefully be obvious when I get to look at it. Smile
Remove the side panels and you'll see the screws holding the pulleys, just loose them enough to release the tension and then realign by bringing both Y carriages all the way to the front and making sure the distance to the pulleys on both sides is the same. There are some videos detailing this procedure too.
Yep, that sorted it. The head is now in the correct place on the right side of the bed and it all calibrates and prints correctly now.

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