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ERROR Cartridge Cannot be Identified when using refill
SO i have been using the Davincii 1.0 for a while now.

I went to microcenter and they were selling black ABS but only in the refill, so the refill come with a chip, a silicon pack, and the spool with directions on how to change the filament. So I changed it out installed it. Printer recognizes it and lists amount of material 240/240m and finds that it is ABS black. However when i try to print the software XYZWare reports "ERROR Cartridge Cannot be Identified" I attached the error.

Any idea what to do? I am using most updated software and firmware. I restarted the printer and the PC and it still produces the same error.[Image: evidence1.png]
SO update: They are going to call me today to see what is up.

More bad news: I tried the original white filament with cartridge, and it gives me the same authentication error for the older filament! So somehow the software is locked me out from printing. However I can print demos, and the printer detects a valid cartridge. The issue is in the software, perhaps XYZ has marked my printer, if that is so I will write an nice editorial for them.

I will update you guys after they talk to me tonight. They also wanted me to get two files for them, they wanted the %APPDATA% which isn't there since i reinstalled the software, and they wanted some TREE.RE or something file, I couldn't find that either. They also wanted lifetime print hours. I think their system has locked my printer out remotely.
Just wanted to update and say they did fix this, remotely. They probably had locked out my machine and had to go and unlock it.
This is a deplorable business tactic. Brick a printer because of a bad cartridge!

I am very grateful to those on this board who found ways around this. I like the printer, but XYZ just goes too far.

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