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Measured Versus Spec Extruder Size
When I measure the thickness of the extruded filament, its 0.48mm. The head of the DaVinci 1.0 is supposed to be 0.40mm. I extruded with the head to the right of the bed, so it basically not touching anything.

Should I use the measured value for the slicer extruder size setting instead of what its supposed to be?
I always use 0.4, but in simplify 3D, if I select auto for davinci extrusion width, it set 0,48 instead of 0.4, I guess this should be the real size after expansion to compensate the compression in nozzle.
Thats interesting it does that in simplify 3d. I wouldn't think there would be any expansion, because ABS shrinks when cooled, so the fact the size is larger than the spec 0.40 makes me think the nozzle is oversized.
It's called the die swell affect. The material exiting the nozzle under pressure will swell back to its relaxed state.


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