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Heater Problems with my Davinci 2.0
First, let me say that I have been going over the forum looking for a post that resembles the problem I am having with my printer. I haven't gone through the entire forum, so if this is a repeat post I apologize.
This is my problem:
About a week after I flashed my printer and installed Repetier FW I had a print that did not stick to the bed and I had all sorts of plastic around one of my hot ends. I lowered the bed and left the printer on and the hot ends at running temperature...about 230C. As I was brushing the hot end the brass brush made contact with the exposed wires for the heater cartridge, there was a spark and the printer turned off. I finished cleaning the hot end and turned the printer back on and there didn't see to be any problems. Later that week I turned on the printer and the LED as well as Repetier showed my extruder temps at -2C and the bed was reading 20C...about room temperature. I read a post that said that the Davinci printers are not always grounded well and the solution was to run some alligator clips from the extruder carriage to the frame of the printer. That seemed to do the trick for a few weeks, but now the printer is reading impossibly low extruder temps (-2C for both extruders) and when I reconnected the alligator clips from the carriage to the printer frame the LED display does not come on and the additional ground wire gets extremely hot really fast. I then removed the additional ground wire and powered the printer and the LED screen worked again. I then went to the load filament section of the menu and I was able to get the left extruder to heat up, but the temperature on the LED and on my computer did not change. I tried the same thing with the right extruder and it did not heat up and the LED and computer did not change as well.

I feel like I am missing something obvious, but for the life of me I can't figure out the problem. Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated. I am also attaching a picture of my board in case that helps.[Image: 2.0board.jpeg]
This has been discussed again and again. You blew a resistor on the board most likely.

The additional ground wire getting hot means you shorted something.

MODS - Maybe we should sticky some of these questions that keep popping up every other day?
I did read some posts on printers having issues with blown resistors, but all of the resistors I have checked seem to be in proper working order. The 000 resistors are all reading 0.3 ohms and I can't find a resistor that is out of its intended range.
One of the reasons I made a new post is that my board is different than many of the boards that have had blown resistors. One of the more common posts state that R271 is being shorted, but my board does not have an R271 resistor by the heater plug in.
I have seen a post or two mentioning that some people are having an issue with the printer not being properly grounded. One post mentioned that the ground screw by the heater had come out.
What would be the best way for me to check if the printer is properly grounded.?
I figured out the problem a while ago, but I just wanted to take a minute to write that what Tom told me to check out was not the problem. The solution was something I could not find in the forum Tom, and after I took a very close look at my printer I found the problem and got it up and running again. If anybody is having a similar problem just send me a message and I will let you know my solution.
But thanks for the 'help' anyway Tom.
LOL - I read this as "I made this post to be a dick. Even though I supposedly have the answer, I'm not going to share it on the forum... I'm going to only share it with people who message me."

And the ground wire shorting, definitely not wrong about that one... you're lucky you didn't burn your house down. Notice no one else even offered any assistance?

Good for you kid, you learned something on your own. More valuable than being handed the answer many times. Have a good one!

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