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1.0A 3rd Party Filament HELP
Hey guys!

I have recently purchased a XYZ Da Vinci 1.0A 3D Printer and have flashed it with repetier host version 0.92. Everything has been working smooth with the stock xyz nature filament. I received a 3rd party filament from eBay today which cost me £13.99 for 1KG of ABS. I have just tried to print with this and nothing extrudes when printing. The filament does extrude when over the "bin" when loading, just none extrudes while printing which is odd.

Also I tried "Auto Calibrating" the printer and it fails and tells me "Z Probe Failed". The extruder and sensor are not above the actual print bed and are slightly off to the right by about 10mm.

Any reply would be greatly appreciated!
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