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Bed leveling and Z offset
Hi everyone,
So im sure this is a noob question but whats the procedure for leveling your bed and Z setting proper Z height?
Im familiar with leveling with an indicator and adjusting the 3 leveling screws but after than is accomplished how do i set/measure the Z height?

Can i run the automatic bed leveling routine and then just put the numbers it gives me (example -0.354) into my Z offset?
or is there a different or better way to do it?

I currently have a Da Vinci 1.0A with repetier 0.92 firmware and am printing with solidify3d and repetier host.

btw way im still really new to all of this ive only had my printer 2 weeks but feel like im getting the hang of it only made it a few days with the stock firmware and xyzware.
You can do the bed leveling procedure with the bed homed (so Z = 0) and both the bed and the extruder heated up to printing temps. This way you just don't need to set any Z offset, your bed will simply be at the right height for printing.

PS: forget about the auto leveling... it's unreliable crap. Use the dial indicator (once) and then the so called paper method.

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