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Copies of the newer firmware (1.2.3 etc)
Can someone please upload a copy of new firmware with the dodgy anti-downgrade feature. I'd like to examine some of its infernal internals.
If you can tell me how to find it I can upload it as I'm running FW 1.0.6
As far as I know it can only be downloaded via xyzware using the 'firmware update' button in the about menu, but I don't know if this automatically uploads it to your printer, which you definitely DON'T want to do. I don't have my printer yet so it won't let me try.
I stupidly updated mine by mistake it does it automatically so I couldn't grab the bin file
No copies hiding in temp folders? Bit of a long shot, but most programs save files to disk after download and often don't bother erasing them.

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