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Increasing accuracy of davinci 1.0
What have people been doing to decease backlash and increase the accuracy of the davinci 1.0. I have replaced all the smooth rod bearing holders, I have replaced the upper and lower pillow blocks for the z axis smooth rods. I have glued the y axis pullys on the drive side solid to eliminate backlash their. I have switched to an e3d hotend bowden setup. I have tightened all the belts and i have also built a tensioner that pushes on both sides of the small y z xis belt because i couldn't keep the backlash out of it. I am also using luc firmware with repetier host.

I can finally print perfect 10*10*9.98mm cubes but my printer still prints regular parts like crap. After i did all this, got everything setup settings wise and tuned the firmware my parts still come off very bad dimentionally. I tried printed a airtripper extruder. I turned the part 45 degrees on the bed so the part wouldn't peel up my tape as bad. The part that printed isn't square, along with being smaller than it should be. You can visually see that the sides aren't 90 degrees to each other and the bolt holes won't even come close to lining up.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what to try to fix. Or what else to fix to get my printer printing perfectly. I'm going to start designing parts to fix other problem areas that i see, like how much the location where the y axis motor is mounted flexes. The more ideas the better because i am going to be making this printer as accuarte and precise as possible.
What slicer program do you use? Could be that. Also ive noticed after 120 hours of printing that the davinci carriage easily warps from heat. I would suggest printing out a new carriage or upgrading the extruder and using a printed carriage.
I'm using these printed parts on my printer:
As well as the x axis pully replacement there.

I am using slic3r to slice prints as of now because of the convineince.
I use simplify 3d and it is pricey but awesome. You get some much control and my first print using S3D was with the davinci extruder and it came out flawless.

I recommend you stabilize your bed. There is a loose brass? bearing on the lower right side of the z shaft guide. Theres a thingverse print for a z spacer that you can slide in if its bad, or you can glue it and it will hold in place. Also make sure your glass isn't moving around. I use kapton so I don't have to worry about it. I want to eventually stabilize the bed even more because I feel it is important preventing it from moving as much.

Make sure you check out the z wobble on the threaded z shaft at the top. Theres also models on thingverse to support that.

Honestly the goal would be to eliminate vibrations and movements. I think eventually I will upgrade to GT2 pullies
My prints still turn out aweful way to bad for it to be bed movement although i will fix that. Normal parts are normall .5 mm off or more which means i can't make anything with close tolerances.

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