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[IDEA] ESP8266 to control mainboard via USB/UART/SDIO
The ESP8266 is ridiculously cheap and getting easier by the day to program in either low level or high level 32bit languages.
I think we should find a way to embed it with the Davinci with pre-programmed code for each different board,
3D print an open source noob-proof enclosure for it using direct wire connections to cheap USB connectors or solder on 3D printed plastic methods,
make it able to write firmware directly, test and control jumpers, write to the SD card over WiFi and test validity with MD5, interrupt non-authorised firmware writes from XYZware etc..
I think this is doable if we all work together, and it would make a cheap ready to go 3D printer available to the public to use and upgrade. BOM shouldn't need to exceed $3 at the very most.
Who's interested? I have a few dev kits to work with and about 20 ESP's to test with.
Check here :
and here
we are working to implement connection with repetier FW

Your meaning is to control stock FW right ?
Yeah, i would be cool to run repetier on the esp8266 now that it can compile arduino and people are starting to make equivalents of the AVR specific functions, but somehow I doubt it has the capability.. even though it does on paper.
not run repetier on it, it does not have such capability, at least the esp01 does not have, but be a tcp/serial bridge or provide a basic web front end like lcd screen replicat should be ok

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